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Social Media and SEO

Today, SEO includes being interactive, engaging, social, and dynamic online within your market. And, while content is still king and quality in-bound links are still important to SEO, so is social media. Here’s why …

Social Media Buzz Words

According to Wikipedia, “Buzzwords” often originate in jargon and are words or phrases used to impress, or that are fashionable. At any given time, different environments often have and use different buzzwords.

Quick Tips for Using Twitter to Help Market Your Business

Twitter is the popular 140-character “micro-blogging” social media site. As of November 2013, Twitter had over 232 million users – that’s quite a lot of potential customers, isn’t it? Here are a few tips for using Twitter for your business…

How to Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Small Business

LinkedIn is a great social media networking platform for working professionals to make connections. Whether you are looking to network, generate leads, fill staffing positions, or to enhance customer service and satisfaction, adding LinkedIn to your marke

6 Tips for Advertising on Facebook

Facebook is currently the largest of the social media platforms and offers businesses and users opportunities for advertising and reaching potential customers. If you are thinking about trying your hand at advertising on Facebook, here are a few tips…

Social Media & Small Business

It’s hard to ignore social media today. It’s everywhere! And, so is the “buzz” about how small businesses can or should be promoting themselves and enhancing their business through social media.

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