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We provide our small business clients with customized, professional design, cutting edge technological solutions, and impeccable customer service…all at small business prices.

At CWS, we understand small businesses—after all, we are one! Our branding, creative, and web design solutions are perfect for small businesses and start-ups.

Creative services to enhance your business.

We know that small business owners and managers wear many hats and we understand how difficult it can be to run a small business and handle your own marketing and advertising in house. We also know that it’s often difficult for small businesses to compete with larger businesses who have large budgets and/or in house creative, marketing, and advertising departments. We’re here to help!

Our goal is to enhance your small business with professional creative, marketing services and methods. Whether you are a start up or an established small business, when you work with Charlotte’s Web Studios, you can rest assured that your marketing and advertising will be professional, creative, and effective.

How we work with small businesses and start ups:

However you prefer to work with us, we want to create a long term relationship with you that grows as your business does—we want you to think of CWS as the external creative and marketing extension of your company! When you work with CWS, you’ll have a single point of contact and a single company who will not only get to know you and your company well, but also who can handle everything for you.

Branding and Creative Packages

Start ups and other small businesses need all kinds of marketing and advertising pieces, so why not take advantage of a branding and creative package? By combining your projects into a single package (for example, logo design, brochure design, and web design), we can usually offer substantial discounts to you. Since we are a full service design and development studio, we can also create a comprehensive and cohesive "look and feel" for you across all of the projects needed. Take advantage of our expertise in all different media types and save some money too!

On Retainer

The best value for small businesses and start ups! Simply contract with us for a certain # of hours each month (pre-paid and at a single, reduced hourly rate) and CWS will be available to you for any creative or marketing projects needed during that time!

No matter what type of creative or marketing services you need during the month (branding or logo design, graphic design (from business cards to trade show display design), web design or on-going web maintenance, email marketing, video and animations, copywriting, editing, or blog writing, or just about anything else that we do!), we will be available to you to help you with it! This is the best way for any small business to take advantage of the many different creative and marketing services we offer and to ensure you have a full suite of professionally designed marketing pieces to enhance your small business.

Project by project

We understand that sometimes small businesses are just looking for help with a single project, and that's ok too. Maybe you'd like to start updating your brand with a new logo and then down the road, update your website and collateral materials to match. Or perhaps, you just need a brochure designed for an upcoming event or you need a new trade show display. No matter what you need and no matter how big or small the project may be, we'll be glad to lend a hand!

Our design, development, and marketing services for new and small businesses include:

  • Professional Web Design and Development – full web services including web design or re-design, web development and custom programming, content management systems (CMS), mobile friendly & responsive web design, usability testing, surveys, search engine and social media optimization and marketing
  • Branding & Corporate Image Services – image consulting, logo design, tagline development
  • Copywriting and Editing – content development, copywriting, editing, and proofreading
  • Full Service Graphic Design Services – collateral materials and branding, brochures, trade show display design, trade show give-aways, ad design, and more
  • Video and Animation Services

Why partner with CWS?

We are professional web and graphic designers and developers.
We have spent years studying, designing, and delivering professional design, marketing, and advertising campaigns and materials for companies of all shapes and sizes. We are professional designers and developers who focus our talents on delivering exceptional design products to small businesses. We work with companies of all shapes and sizes and can create creative campaigns that meet your needs, your goals, and your budget.

We understand the value of branding and corporate image.
We know that, like reputation, your business image means a lot. Perceptions about your company can strongly influence a potential client’s decision of whether or not to conduct business with you, so you’ll want to get it right from the get-go!

When properly designed and implemented, your image should reflect the level of your company’s commitment to quality, excellence, service, and relationships with your various constituents including current clients, potential clients, employees and future staff, competitors, partners, government entities, and the general public at large. Therefore, your business image should be thoroughly thought out, planned, executed, monitored, and modified when needed.

CWS specializes in complete brand solutions and will work closely with you to ensure that your company’s image enhances the quality of your services.

We believe in the adage that you get what you pay for… but not if it costs you an arm and a leg.
You’ll most certainly be able to find many designers charging (a lot) more than Charlotte’s Web Studios, and you’ll probably find designers charging less as well. However, we are sure you will find our prices to be incredibly reasonable. With Charlotte’s Web Studios, we strive to offer the most value possible for the lowest cost possible.

We don’t outsource design and development services.
We are based in the United States and we do our design and development work in-house. With Charlotte’s Web Studios, your project will be completed by professional designers and developers in the United States and not outsourced to third parties in the US or abroad.

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