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We specialize in the creative, development, advertising, and marketing services businesses of all shapes, sizes and stages of development need.

We're different... but in a good way.

There are an awful lot of marketing, advertising, and design firms around today and more and more are popping up every day too. We know it’s hard to know where to start, what to look for, or which company to trust with something as important as your company’s branding, design, and advertising. So, to help you determine why you should select Charlotte’s Web Studios as your creative, advertising and marketing partner, we’ve put a list together that outlines a few of the things that we think set our company apart from many of the other marketing & design companies around today.

We are truly a "single source solution"

When you hire Charlotte’s Web Studios, you can rest assured that you are hiring a single company that can handle and manage all of your marketing and advertising needs for you. We are strategists, researchers and planners, creative designers, videographers, photographers and multimedia artists, software coders and application developers, writers, editors and content developers, and placement and outreach marketing professionals.

Strategy, Design, Development, & Marketing

From consulting and strategic planning to designing visually appealing brands, layouts, and products, developing solid applications and productions, and creating effective marketing solutions for today’s business world, Charlotte’s Web Studios does it all. We are truly a ‘one stop shop’ for all things creative, advertising, and marketing. What’s more, we understand and appreciate the nuances and intricacies of the various media platforms today and can create successful campaigns that span across all mediums and platforms. With CWS, there is no need to hire one company for your web projects and another for your advertising and another for your video and yet another for your print design … we do it all and can give you a comprehensive look and integrated advertising approach across all platforms.

We know video

We’ve been working with digital video since the mid-1990’s and have extensive experience in storyboarding, shooting, non-linear digital video editing, and rendering video for television, dvd, or the internet. We also provide custom animations and video special effects and work regularly in Adobe After Effects as well as various video editing programs. While many other design and marketing firms are behind the eight ball when it comes to video and animation, with CWS you can rest assured that you have partnered with a company experienced in video production and ready to help you add some video to your marketing mix.

We are experienced

Charlotte’s Web Studios was founded in 1999 and has been creating successful advertising and marketing campaigns for our clients for over 23 years. We have completed hundreds of web, print, and marketing projects over the years for companies of all types and sizes. We are a well established, experienced, and stable company.

We are educated

Half of our staff have master’s degrees … and the other half have doctoral degrees. To say that we strongly believe in education is probably a gross understatement! But more than formal education, we also continuously strive to stay up on the latest design trends, the latest programming and software trends and opportunities, and the latest in marketing, advertising and cultural trends too.

We do not outsource to companies in outher countries

We are based in the United States and we do our design and development work in house. With Charlotte’s Web Studios, your project will be completed by professional designers and developers in the United States and not outsourced to third parties in the US or abroad.

We try to be as flexible as possible when it comes to project costs and payment terms

We want to work with you and to help make your project a success! No matter the size of your company or your project, we would love the opportunity to put a proposal together that meets your goals, your needs, and your budget. We prefer to provide firm quotes for our design and development projects based on the size and scope of a project rather than to supply hourly rates. Design projects often come in all shapes and sizes and can vary from something quite simple to something extremely complex and everything in between. Add-ons, bells and whistles, specific functionality and programming all add to the cost mix too. Therefore, we always ask for your budget. By letting us know your budget at the get go, we can almost always come up with creative solutions to meet both your project requirements and your budget. And, if we can’t, we’ll save you valuable time up front by telling you right away. When it comes to payment terms, we try to be as flexible as possible and are open to discussing alternative terms. Our standard payment structure is usually two or three equal payments spaced throughout the project life cycle (from start to finish), but we are also open to spreading payments out monthly or quarterly over an extended period of time after the project is completed.
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