Set Your Site on the Future®

We provide firm quotes based on the individual size and scope of each project.

With a detailed spec in hand and a firm price to go along with it, you can rest assured that the cost for your project won't change unless your project does.

Working within your budget

No matter your company or project type or size, call us and talk to us about the details of your project so that we can work with you to put a quote together that meets your goals, your needs, and your budget.

Be sure to let us know your budget at the get go too. We will almost always be able to work within your budget and/or to come up with creative solutions to meet both your project requirements and your budget. And, if we can’t, we’ll save you valuable time up front by telling you right away and usually offer you some alternatives or suggestions too.

We will also be happy to bid against any proposals you may have received from other companies in order to try to give you the ‘biggest bang for your buck.’

Flexible payment terms

When it comes to terms, we try to be as flexible as possible and are open to discussing alternative payment terms. While our standard payment structure is usually two or three equal payments spaced throughout the project life cycle (from start to finish), we are also open to spreading payments out monthly or quarterly over an extended period of time after the project is completed.

More about our web design & development prices

While the ultimate cost of designing and developing a website often depends on many different factors making up the project size and scope, the price for most of our small business web design projects typically ranges from about $3,000 to $25,000.

While we realize that is a rather large price range, please keep in mind that websites come in all shapes and sizes and can vary from something quite simple to something extremely complex and everything in between. Add-ons, bells and whistles, specific functionality and programming all add to the cost mix too.

As a matter of fact, there is a long list of things that can affect the cost of our websites – size, complexity, creation and use of video and animations, degree of interactivity, specific functionality and programming required, whether we research, write, and/or edit the web content for you, if you require custom photography or the custom design of specific images, graphs and infographics, the amount of marketing services provided in association with the web site—including seo, research, surveys, usability and marketing testing, etc. —turnaround time, and payment terms.

Overall, we think you’ll find that our prices usually fall in the mid-range of other similar design, development, and marketing firms today. Although we usually aren’t the cheapest, our prices are almost never in the range of the most expensive design firms out there either.

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