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Social Media & Small Business

It’s hard to ignore social media today. It’s everywhere! And, so is the “buzz” about how small businesses can or should be promoting themselves and enhancing their business through social media.

Although the numbers are growing, there are a lot of businesses not yet using social media. And, for good reason really. Many businesses just don’t know where to start or don’t have the resources or staff to dedicate to social media efforts. After all, successfully participating in social media takes time and that is something many small businesses may not able to commit to.

If done right, social media can help small businesses

Since by it’s very nature social media encourages interaction between people and groups through online platforms on which people can create and share ideas and information, they can be a good place to share & grow your brand, products, and services. After all, this interaction can be between people and other people, but it can also be between people and companies and organizations.

Using social media, small businesses can promote their products and services, promote sales and specials, create & promote news and events, interact with customers and potential customers, and answer customer questions and concerns, among other things. It’s a great place to promote your brand!

However, when thinking about adding social media to your small business marketing arsenal, it is important to understand that social media isn’t simply a bullhorn through which you can broadcast your messages to users. Social media is ultimately about interaction, community, connections, and relationships.

The possibilities presented by social media channels are endless, but businesses need to ensure that they use them to support their business objectives, to build brand, and to interact with customers. With time and commitment, integrating social media into the marketing and recruiting efforts of your company can really pay off for your small business!

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