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Explainer Videos and Why You Need One

There’s no doubt that there is a tremendous amount of competition online today and, in the fast paced world we live in, getting and keeping a person’s attention is harder than ever. Content developers and marketers are continuously trying to create fresh content and present it in new and exciting ways in an effort to grab attention. But, in today’s business environment, that’s not always easy.

Web sites have traditionally been static and rather text heavy. But, “text heavy” web pages aren’t always effective and, to be honest, they can be downright boring. To truly capture the attention of your customers, business marketers today need to think video!

Videos and animations have the unique ability to visualize a message in an entertaining and memorable way. Adding motion and sound to your message can have a powerful effect on how it is received and remembered by your customers.

Explainer Videos

A business explainer video is a short video or animation that allows a business to introduce themselves, explains what it is that the business does, and outline what they can do to solve their customers problems and why customers need them and/or their services.

Explainer videos are entertaining, captivating, and a good way to capture and keep someone’s attention focused on your company and brand. Adding explainer videos to your website, sharing them online through social media and video hosting sites, as well as distributing and displaying them at the tradeshows your company attends, are not only great ways to generate interest in your company and products but also to increase your web traffic and search engine ranking.

Charlotte’s Web Studios offers a full range of video and animation services. Contact us for more information on how we can help create an explainer video for you and/or a quote for your next video project!

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