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Quick Tips for Using Twitter to Help Market Your Business

Twitter is the popular 140-character “micro-blogging” social media site. As of November 2013, Twitter had over 232 million users …. that’s quite a lot of potential customers, isn’t it? If nothing else, due to the sheer volume of dedicated users, Twitter has the potential to be an incredibly good marketing tool for any business.

Here are a few tips to successfully utilize Twitter as part of your business marketing strategy:

  1. Enhance your Twitter bio. Make sure your company page is optimized to showcase your brand and explain who you are & what you do.
  2. Tweet regularly. To make the most of Twitter, you need to use it too! Tweeting regularly keeps your account active and entices new users to follow you.
  3. Entice your employees and co-workers to follow your company on Twitter and re-tweet and help to further engage your audience.
  4. Research who the experts and influencers in your target market are and follow them. Interact with them regularly too.
  5. Re-tweet and be sure to “favorite” others tweets too.
  6. Follow trends with hash tags. By watching hash tags and trending topics on Twitter, you can find ways to make more connections with your brand. Work to get your business to appear when people search for relevant topics!
  7. Don’t just use text — include photos and videos in your posting mix. Visual media such as photographs and videos can help drive more clicks!
  8. Engage with your customers. Ask questions. Answer questions. Be the expert on your field and for your brand.
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