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Social Media and SEO

SEO has always been an evolving, and sometimes elusive, concept. What worked in 2000, or 2010, or even 2013 probably no longer works today (or no longer works as well). Today, SEO techniques have expanded to include high quality, organic methods to determine the ranking of a website. These days, the first step in achieving high search engine rankings include creating a website that contains quality content, quality design and usability and one that is interactive, engaging, educational, informational, social, and dynamic within your market. And, while content is still king and quality in-bound links are still important to SEO, so is social media.

Social media can impact SEO and improve your search engine rankings

If you think about social media and how it is used, it makes sense that it could help your SEO. After all, social media is all about sharing information, knowledge, and content. It’s about being “social” and building community.  It’s about building a following and sharing quality content about yourself or your company. 

In recent years, search engines have looked at the number and quality of in bound links to a website as an indication of the quality of the website and how it should rank. Now it appears the search engines are looking further into social media for this type of information. Social media “likes” or “shares” are votes of confidence in your company or brand and allow you to create a buzz about your company or product and your website. Search engines seem to like that and that can certainly help your SEO.

A robust social media campaign is also a fast way to multiply your presence online. There are a lot of users of social media (A LOT!) and using social media gives you a unique opportunity to reach new users each and everyday. But, remember that you need to interact and be engaged with your social media channels in order to grow your presence and build that buzz.

Social media can build traffic to your website too. The more followers you have, the more you engage with your audience, the more you can drive them to your website and potentially turn them into a customer. Build quality content on your website and share it with your social media audience and you’ll most certainly start to see your search engine rankings improve!

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