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Proofing Checklist for Printing Projects

Check Your Proof Carefully! The printer’s proof shows what your final project will ultimately look like, so it is important to review all print proofs carefully before giving the printer the go-ahead to print your project.

Selecting Fonts for Print Design and Web Design Projects

With the thousands of fonts available today, selecting an appropriate font for your print or screen design projects can be a daunting task. The fonts you use add to the overall “look and feel” of the piece and to the visual impact the piece has

Image Resolution for Web Design & Print Design Projects

When graphic designers and printers start talking about image resolution, most client’s eyes start to glaze over. While it’s true that image resolution sounds complicated and tricky (and it certainly can be!), understanding a few simple concepts

B2B Summer Marketing

After our crazy, cold and (VERY) long winter on the east coast this year, Memorial Day has finally arrived and marks the unofficial start of summer. For B2B businesses though, summer can be start of an awfully slow period in the year. Here are just a few

Why Your Logo Matters More Than You Might Think

More than just a small graphic that you include on your marketing materials, your company logo is a visual portrayal of your business. Your logo – including it’s overall look and feel as well as it’s quality – conveys the character, professionalism

The Importance of Packaging Design

If you create and/or sell products, you know the importance of packaging design in both selling your products and in enhancing your brand. Packaging plays a very important role in marketing of a product.

Graphic Design Trends 2014

Like many other things, there are trends that occur in graphic design. Different types of imagery, presentation, typography and more come in and out of vogue over time. Shutterstock, a large stock art and downloadable image library firm, has been tracking

Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS Design Principle)

KISS is an acronym for “Keep it Simple Stupid.” KISS is a design principle developed in the 1960’s that states that most systems work best if they are kept as simple as possible.

A Quick Stock Art Overview

Stock art is artwork created by professional artists, photographers, and graphic artists and licensed and sold for specific or nonspecific usage. Using stock art can often be a big budget and time saver when incorporated into your marketing materials.

5 Quick Tips for Tradeshow Success

Whether you are attending your first tradeshow or your 100th, there are some tips and tricks that can make your tradeshow a success. Define your target market for the tradeshow…

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