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Why Your Logo Matters More Than You Might Think

More than just a small graphic that you include on your marketing materials, your company logo is a visual portrayal of your business. Your logo – including it’s overall look & feel as well as it’s quality –  conveys the character, professionalism, dedication, and overall integrity of your company to customers, employees, and others.

Your logo is the very symbol of your company.

A logo is the most prevalent visual representation of a company and is the cornerstone of all marketing efforts. As such, the quality of your logo will ultimately set the visual tone and quality of all your corporate marketing pieces.

A logo is important. Really important.

Many clients come to us for logo design and branding (or re-branding) projects. Others may already have a logo and approach us to design and create other marketing pieces for them.  Often times, however, someone who already has a logo or isn’t ready, willing or able to update or redesign an outdated logo might not understand the power that their logo has to ultimately set the bar for everything else in their marketing arsenal.

Even with an incredible design and layout, your marketing pieces may not live up to their full potential if your logo is sub-par.

If your logo is low quality, unprofessional, includes clip art, or doesn’t adequately reflect your company, your other marketing pieces may ultimately convey that same thing. After all, your logo is the visual cornerstone for all of your corporate marketing pieces and an investment in your logo can make a real difference in how your company is perceived.

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