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Branded USB Flash Drives for Marketing Promotions

No longer just the little piece of technology carried around by secret agents or employees at high tech firms, USB flash drives are now commonplace and have been rather universally adopted as ways to share digital information.

Also known as thumb drives, memory sticks, or jump drives, USB flash drives are small data storage devices that come in various shapes and sizes. They are much smaller than CDs and DVDs and most weigh less than a few ounces. USB flash drives currently are available in sizes ranging up to 1 Terabyte and they last for years. What’s more, the information on a flash drive can be viewed, erased, and re-written – making them very useful for quick, easy, and convenient document storage.

Branded USB flash drives can be really great marketing tools.

Although they are small in physical size, you can have your company logo, name, or website address printed on many colored flash drives and distribute them at trade shows or other events as promotional giveaways. Think of them as the modern equivalent of an even more desirable and useful company pen.  Because of their usefulness and durability, you can distribute branded flash drives and rest assured that they will be kept and used by your customers over and over.

You can also include presentations, catalogs, and other digital files and documents on your branded USB flash drives for even more of a marketing punch. While people may be likely to throw a printed brochure or catalog away, they will more than likely view and keep a branded flash drive. So, including a professional animated presentation, video, or other digital multimedia brochure on the USB flash drive can increase the likelihood that your materials will be seen.

In the end, branded USB flash drives can be great marketing tools that keep your brand in front of your customers while giving them something of value that they can use over and over.

Remember, of course, that USB Flash drives are, in fact, computer hard drives and therefore can contain and infect a computer with viruses and other mal-ware. Always be sure to scan any USB flash drive or other drive or file with antivirus software before viewing.

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