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Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS Design Principle)

KISS is an acronym for “Keep it Simple Stupid.” KISS is a design principle developed in the 1960’s that states that most systems work best if they are kept as simple as possible, rather than complicated. In design, simplicity should be the goal, and any unnecessary complexity should be avoided.

The KISS principle recognizes that, generally, users want things that are simple and easy to use and learn. It also recognizes that companies that make products or offer services may be able to reduce costs and have shorter production times by keeping things as simple as possible and thereby giving them an advantage.

The KISS design principle can be applied to mobile apps, cd rom and dvd design, graphical user interface design, web design and development and other computer software design.

When it comes to designing a website or other interactive product, keeping the overall design simple and easy to follow and use is important. The KISS design principle can and should be applied to the design of a website – from the graphical user interface to the functionality and structure… the easier a website is to use, the better and more likely it will be successful.

  • keep your layout clean, easy to read and navigate … remember that less is more
  • break up your text into easy to read sections and pages
  • don’t overload your web site interface and layout with distractions
  • make sure your site navigation is easy to read and follow
  • offer search accessibility
  • avoid “spaghetti code”
  • properly format your code
  • make sure your website code validates through W3C

So, if you are considering designing or re-designing your website, remember to ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’!

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