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The Importance of Packaging Design

If you create and/or sell products, you know the importance of packaging design in both selling your products and in enhancing your brand. Packaging plays a very important role in marketing of a product–product packaging can not only inform consumers about the product, but also affect them on an emotional level and inspire them to purchase your product.

When designing the packaging for your products, there are a few things you should keep in mind to make sure that your product packaging enhances the product and entices consumers to buy.

  • Visual Appeal:  Product packaging should, first and foremost, be visually appealing, distinctive, and eye-catching. Using color, design, and shape, you can attract consumer attention to the product. Your product needs to stand out on the shelves, but also make an immediate visual impression. Attractive and well designed packaging is key!
  • Functionality:  Another important factor in packaging design is functionality. Your packaging should, of course, protect your product but it can also improve consumer use and review–from see-through windows to flaps and closure mechanisms, the functionality of your packaging is an important element to the overall design.
  • Innovative Design: Unusual packaging design can draw immediate attention to your product and make it more memorable. Novelty in your packaging design can also refresh older product image and boost and reinvigorate sales.
  • Appeal to Other Senses: Packaging design that incorporates multi-sensory appeal can attract greater attention and stimulate further interest in your product and brand. Packaging that incorporates elements that can be smelled, heard, or felt can create further consumer interest.

Your product and packaging designs are representative of your brand, can draw attention, and can differentiate your product from your competitors. Product packaging design is vital when it comes to branding and image and how a product is packaged can often make or break the product sales.

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