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How Active Blogging Can Help Business SEO

2014 has ushered in some SEO ‘best practices’ changes, but for the most part, SEO in 2014 is similar to what it was in 2013… Google and other search engines still love new content and are generally looking for quality content that provides users with the best information and experience possible.

One of the best ways to generate new, interesting and relevant content on a business website is through business blogging.

An active business blog can bring many benefits to a business website:

  • Blogging creates new website content: blogging creates an on-going stream of fresh content and can help your website rank better for particular topics, keywords, and phrases
  • Blogging can help get your website indexed by search engines more frequently (which can help with SEO).
  • Blogging can help get in bound links to your website. Quality content usually attracts quality links (which can help with SEO).
  • Blogging can provide sharable content for social media and increase your social media standing (which can help with SEO).

We’re well into 2014 and if you haven’t given any thought to your SEO recently, this is a good time to spruce up your website and get blogging!

Of course, if you don’t have the time, staff, or inclination to blog regularly, you shouldn’t even bother to add a blog to your website … there is nothing worse than a blog that isn’t updated regularly! If you don’t blog regularly, it won’t build an audience, it won’t increase your conversion rate, and you won’t reap the SEO rewards that a blog can bring.  But, if you do, your business blog can be a big asset to your brand, your sales, and can enhance your other marketing efforts.

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