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Banner Stands: Cost Effective Solutions for Trade Show Displays

With an ability to be used in many different situations, used over and over and, due to their versatility, relatively inexpensive cost, and ability to draw attention, banners have always been a popular solution for businesses looking to advertise, draw attention, and make an impression.

Banners attract attention.

Banner stands are among the most popular choices for business owners and marketers for use in trade shows. Banner stands are very popular solutions for trade shows because they are easy to transport, easy to set up, and quite durable. What’s more, banner stands can often fit into booths with even the most limited of space and can usually be “carry ons” with airlines.

From table top to extra, extra large, most banner stands come in a wide variety of sizes and can be used in a variety of places — from displaying at a trade show or other event to in a lobby or store. When used properly, banner stands can be a great advertising tool for businesses!

Generally, there are 2 types of banner stands available

Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable banner stands have a base housing unit with a built in retractor spring coil mechanism to speed up setting up and dismantling the stand. The graphic panel rolls up and retracts into the base unit for storage when not in use. Retractable banner stands offer many advantages over non-retractable banner stands: they are usually quite easy to set up, they tend to look more professional and sturdy, and they have a built in storage unit for the graphics. On the other hand, retractable stands are usually a bit more expensive than non-retractable banner stands and, of course, mechanical parts can always break or fail and require service or replacement.

Non-Retractable Banner Stands

Non-retractable banner stands are usually less expensive than retractable banner stands. Non-retractable banner stands usually do not have a retractor mechanism built into a base. Rather, they use tension to attach the graphic panel to a pole. On the ‘pros’ side, non-retractable banner stands are lightweight, inexpensive, and there are no mechanical parts that could break or stop working. However, they do take more time to set up and are prone to damage because they do not have a protective base. Non-retractable banner stands are good for using in situations where they won’t have to be taken down and put back up regularly (for example, as displayed long term in a store or lobby).

The type of banner stand you select will ultimately depend on your budget, your preferences, and how you plan to use the banner (and how often). If designed and planned correctly, remember that your banner stand isn’t only for trade shows — you can certainly use your banner stands in a lobby, conference room, or retail location to advertise your company, products and services every day.

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