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Tips for Selecting a Domain Name

If you are starting a new business or website, finding and choosing a domain name that enhances your company brand is essential. In this digital age, internet marketing and brand development are not only extremely important, but slowly merging, and the importance of selecting the best domain name possible is important for both your branding and marketing efforts.

Long gone are the days when domain names were easy to find and available to buy. It’s become harder and harder to find a domain name that matches your brand, is easy to remember, is short and sweet, and is available to purchase. In fact, one word domain names are practically impossible to find these days and you’ll be hard pressed to find a .com domain name available that is less than 5 characters.

Generally speaking, you should opt for a domain name that matches your brand, is easily remembered (and typed), and is as short as possible. That’s no easy task these days, but here are a few tips & things to keep in mind for selecting the best domain name possible at the get go.

  • Select a domain name that is tied to your brand.  Go with a domain name that is as close to your brand name as possible.
  • Domain Extensions matter. Although less available than other domain name extensions, go for the .com if at all possible.
  • Keep your domain name as short as possible.
  • Make it memorable and easy to type and spell.
  • You can use keywords in a domain name to help (a little) with your SEO, but it’s often better to go with your brand name than a long keyword string.
  • Don’t go overboard with hyphens!
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