Why You Should Know Your IP Address

An IP address is an exclusive number assigned to a user on a computer network and is used to communicate with and identify those users. Your current IP address is …

A Welcomed Web Re-design at CharlottesWebStudios.com

After much discussion, design, and input from our own designers, developers, clients and website users, we’ve re-designed and re-launched our website: CharlottesWebStudios.com. Welcome to our new website!

CWS Launches New Website for Baker’s Team

Charlotte’s Web Studios recently re-designed the corporate website for Baker’s, a premiere heating and air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical company based in Northern Virginia.

The Power of Business Blogging

One of the best ways today to enhance your online marketing strategy is through a business blog. While the effectiveness of SEO copy writing is declining more and more every day, business blogging and content marketing is definitely on the rise

Goodbye SEO Copy Writing. Hello Content Marketing!

Let’s face it, there is an awful lot of competition on the web today. As a matter of fact, according to research, 571 new websites are launched every minute. Yes, you read that correctly … 571 new websites are launched every single day

Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail is advertising to prospective customers through the mail. Yes, you read that correctly — it’s print advertising delivered to customers through the good old US Postal Service. Now, before you stop reading and decide that, in the digital world