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Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail is advertising to prospective customers through the mail. Yes, you read that correctly — it’s print advertising delivered to customers through the good old US Postal Service. Now, before you stop reading and decide that, in the digital world of today we are off our rockers for even insinuating that any modern company resort to something so non-technical and archaic, hear us out…

Direct mail still works.

According to a recent study done by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), direct mail has been found to have a response rate of 4.4% and, while the direct mail response rate has declined in recent years, compared to email response rates that are usually well under 1%, that’s still pretty good!

Should You Use Direct Mail Marketing?

Even in today’s digital world, people still seem to like to get standard snail mail. For many people, walking out and opening the mailbox to see what is inside is not only a daily ritual, but something that is enjoyable. And, while most people are bombarded with hundreds of emails every single day, receiving a tangible piece of mail – from a small postcard alerting them to an upcoming sale or an event to a large catalog that they can look through at their leisure –  can be a welcome change from the hectic, fast paced digital world. And, it can make your company and your message get their attention.

So, if you aren’t including direct mail in your marketing mix, give it a second thought. You might find that direct mail still works for you and gets you the response rates you need and want!

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