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Goodbye SEO Copy Writing. Hello Content Marketing!

Let’s face it, there is an awful lot of competition on the web today. As a matter of fact, according to research gathered at, 571 new websites are launched every minute.

Yes, you read that correctly … 571 new websites are launched every single minute of every single day. Grab your calculator and add that up … you’ll get a whole lot of websites!

So, as you can image, getting a website to rank well among that much competition is, well, tough, to say the least! What’s more, today’s search engine algorithms are constantly changing and evolving too. What used to work to help a website rank better in the SERPs (search engine results pages) no longer may work or be able to get the same (or even remotely similar) results.

The world of SEO is changing … and changing quickly.

SEO copy writing has always held a place in successful web design and marketing strategies. However, as the search engines and their algorithms change, it’s become more and more difficult to keep up with new and constantly changing SEO guidelines. And, while keyword stuffing went the wayside as an effective SEO technique years ago, today it can actually get a website penalized and even banned under new search engine guidelines.

SEO copy writing is out and content marketing is in.

Rather than writing web content for search engines, today’s successful websites write content for their users…. you know, actual people? In today’s world of websites, user-centric content is key.

So, if you are still writing your web content by focusing exclusively on keywords and SEO, you might want to re-assess your strategy and start thinking first about your customers. Of course, you still need to think a bit about keywords and you should still incorporate those keywords into your content, but you should incorporate them in a natural way, not by stuffing them into every nook and cranny you can find!

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