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4K Ultra High Definition (HD) Video

The future of video is here and it’s name is 4K!

4K Ultra High Definition is a new resolution standard for video, digital cinema and computer graphics.

Unlike standard high definition video, 4K Ultra High Definition video uses 4,000 pixels (or more!), incorporates more realistic color, and often uses higher frame rates resulting in super clear, sharp, and realistic video images. And, while small businesses and media are slowly adapting to the new technology, more and more larger businesses are already adapting for the new technology and making the shift to 4K video.

Future television sets and computer screens will most likely all contain features to take advantage of 4K video technology to ensure the best viewing possible. As such, more and more consumers should soon be able to take advantage of 4K video technology. With that in mind, businesses of all sizes and shapes should start thinking about incorporating and adapting their streaming video techniques to include this new ultra high definition video format.

What Does 4K Video Mean for Business?

4K video allows for some of the sharpest and clearest video images possible. That means that businesses can showcase their products and services in what would appear to be almost “in person” quality.

Of course, if your video content is meant mainly (or only) to be viewed on small devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.), then you probably don’t need to incorporate 4K video into your video marketing mix just yet … users on smaller devices won’t really be able to take advantage of the abundance of pixels and probably won’t be able to tell any difference in the quality of the video.

However, if your video marketing plans include producing videos for viewing on larger screens, 4K could really make a difference in the quality of your videos and it is probably well worth upgrading your videos or transitioning into Ultra High Definition when producing video to ensure that you can take advantage of the higher quality of 4K in the future!

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