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Decorating Your Website for the Holidays

Next week is Thanksgiving and that means the holiday season is officially here. It’s time to start spreading some holiday cheer! Why not take advantage of the season and decorate your website a bit for the holiday season?

What is WYSIWYG?

WYSIWYG (pronounced “wiz-ee-wig”) is an acronym for “what you see is what you get”. It is a term often used when talking about web site design and development and, more often, when discussing web content management systems. In basic terms, a WYSIWYG editi

The Trend of Single Page, Scrolling Websites

Single page, scrolling websites are popping up everywhere. You’ve probably seen a few too-they are basically websites where all of the content is included in the code of a single html page and as you navigate, you simply move the page up and down.

The ABC’s of A/B Testing

In very general terms, A/B testing is a way to compare how effective two different web page layouts, designs, or elements are in achieving a particular goal.

The Power of Business Blogging

One of the best ways today to enhance your online marketing strategy is through a business blog. While the effectiveness of SEO copy writing is declining more and more every day, business blogging and content marketing is definitely on the rise

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is marketing that involves creating and sharing information in an effort to acquire & interact with customers. It is a marketing technique geared toward creating high quality, valuable information, often in the form of…

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