We all want more customers, more traffic to our website, more foot traffic, more buzz, more....more....more. But when it comes to utilizing social media for our marketing and advertising, it's getting harder and more expensive to drive that traffic and buzz.

Most businesses of all sizes are comfortable today with Facebook and while many advertise on Facebook, the returns aren't always great. And, with what seems like almost daily changes implemented at Facebook for companies and businesses, it's harder than ever to launch a successful marketing campaign there without breaking the bank.

Using Facebook Messenger for Business Marketing

That's where Facebook Messenger Marketing can help.

Facebook Messenger is like email marketing for Facebook users. With Facebook Messenger, you can deliver sequential messages to people, send downloads, have automated conversations, and create a sales funnel within Messenger. Automating marketing within Facebook Messenger is still a relatively new marketing technique, but results are promising and it's something every company looking to up their social media marketing game should consider.

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Charlotte's Web Studios has been an integral part of our success at Radiance Yoga Studio. They took the time to understand our business and our vision and created products that we love and our clients greatly appreciate. They helped us create a beautiful, informative, and easy to use website. We've used CWS to design our class schedules, flyers, and online newsletter. The newsletter has been a huge success with over 50% of our clients responding to the announcements. I can rely on CWS for all of our marketing needs. I'd highly recommend their services to any organization that wants to create a professional image and work with a talented and responsive team of professionals.