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What is Vine? And How Can a Business Use it?

Vine is a video sharing, mobile app … but with a twist. It’s not just a regular video, it’s a very short video that is designed in a way to link together short video takes into just six seconds of video. Each vine video plays in a continuous loop and can be played via Twitter or through a web page.

Here are a few ways businesses can take advantage of Vine to enhance their business and social media presence ….

  1. Display Your Work for a Client: create a vine inspired, animated portfolio for a particular client.
  2. Highlight and showcase your customers. Fan-made Vine videos are a great way for others to highlight your company or products for you.
  3. Plug a New Product: get people excited about a new product or service by launching some vine inspired teasers.
  4. Show off your office and employees: show the personality of your company and your employees through vine. Vine is also a great way to bring customers inside your office or location.
  5. Promote a contest or giveaway with Vine.
  6. Celebrate the holidays. Create fun holiday themed Vine videos.
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