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What are Infographics?

Infographics (or information graphics) are graphical representations of statistics, information, and other data that present the information in a quick, easy to view, easy to read, and easy to understand manner. Infographics often take a lot of information and condenses it into a combination of typography (text) and graphics in a way that allows viewers to quickly grasp and understand the information.

Infographics are not new, but have gained popularity recently through their ability to be shared through social media, links, and email. They often contain visual representations of statistics in the form of pie charts, graphs, and diagrams.

Information Graphics (infographics) can be very compelling and can be useful to add to your marketing mix because:

  1. Infographics are visually interesting, compelling, and attractive ways to display information & educate your customers
  2. Infographics show your expertise in the subject matter
  3. Infographics can increase your brand awareness
  4. Infographics can increase traffic to your website and benefit your SEO efforts
  5. Infographics can easily be shared and “go viral”
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