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Web Design Trends: Flat UI Design

Web design trends come and go, but one trend that has really gained popularity and seems to be sticking around in web and app design is “Flat Design”.

Flat Design is a design philosophy that emphasizes usability and minimalism. It often incorporates clean, bright design with two-dimensional or “flat” illustrations to highlight or reinforce the functionality of a website or app. Flat design focuses the design of a web site onto more simple and classical designs & design elements rather than on some of the more ‘artificial’ design techniques of the past.

Simplicity and Clarity

What is really great about flat ui design is the emphasis on usability over clutter or flashiness. Rather than converting real-life objects (calendars, microphones, etc) into a small, realistic illustrations, flat web design and user interface (ui) design incorporates simple, icon-like images into web pages and apps. This avoidance of unnecessary design embellishments such as bevels, shadows, gradients, or unneeded textures helps to focus on the functionality of the page or app and the content itself.

It seems likely that ‘Flat Design’ is a trend that will continue well into 2014 and beyond!

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