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Planning for a Tradeshow

Exhibiting at trade shows can be effective marketing and ROI value. However, in order to use trade shows to effectively generate sales leads, network, get publicity, find suppliers, or whatever your goals might be, you need to do some planning well ahead of time.

Allow time to plan for a trade show

To ensure that the investment that you’ll be making in your display, materials & handouts, and in the trade show itself pay off, you should allow for ample time to plan, craft your message, design, produce and ship your display and other materials.

You should allow a minimum of a few months to plan for an upcoming trade show. It can take quite a bit longer than you might think to design and produce an effective trade show booth and/or display and you’ll end up with a better product (and end result!) if not rushed.

The more time you allow for planning, designing and producing your materials for a trade show, the better!

Once you’ve decided on a trade show and selected your space there, you’ll need to start planning your booth or display area. Most trade shows will supply you with the specifications for the space allotted to you for the trade show and any requirements or limitations. Pass this information along to your display designer!

Of course, the amount of space you have will be a key factor in determining the size, shape and type of display you use, but your budget is also a key factor. Pass this information along to your display designer too!

Your trade show display designer should be able to help you get the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to your display, booth, and other materials.

Keep in mind that there are tons of display options available including anything from banners and posters, retractable banner stands, table top displays, and pop up displays, to fully customized and specialized booths. And add to that the options for including multimedia displays and presentations, printed handouts and giveaways — the options available for trade show displays can seem endless! Your display designer can help to narrow down options that best suit your space, your budget, and your goals.

Allow enough time to produce & ship your display

The time it takes to design and produce your display will depend on the display vendor you select and how customized a display you decide to go with. Generally, the more custom your display, the longer the lead time needed to produce it. However, even if you are going with a more standard tradeshow display, it is important to allow for enough time to design, print, manufacture, and ship the display and other marketing materials.

Did I mention the more time you allow for planning, designing and producing your materials for a trade show, the better? Oh, and don’t forget to include the time (And cost) it takes to ship the display. Always allow for extra time for shipping your display … you’ll look pretty funny at the trade show without it!


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