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Marketing Resolutions for 2014: Assess Your Brand

Happy New Year! Now that we’re officially into 2014, it’s time to get serious about your marketing goals and resolutions for the upcoming year.

But, before we get too far a field, it’s important to step back and assess your current brand, and most importantly, your company logo. After all, your logo is the cornerstone of all of your branding and marketing pieces, so it’s critical!

Does your logo look dated? Does it adequately and accurately reflect your company’s character and your corporate image? Does is ‘speak’ to your target audience? And, do you have the logo in the file types, sizes and resolutions needed for use across all media?

Is it time for a new logo?

If you answered ‘yes’, your logo design project should be placed at the very top of your marketing ‘to do’ list. Every other marketing piece that you have designed or revised will be based on, or will incorporate your new logo, so you’ll want to get your logo completed first, BEFORE you design (or redesign) anything else.

If you’re ready to revamp your logo, we want to help! Give Charlotte’s Web Studios a call & one of our logo designers will work closely with you to develop a powerful, effective, and modern corporate logo that works within and enhances your marketing strategy for use in all media!

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