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Emotional Branding & Social Media

Normally when we speak of ‘branding’ we’re referring to the name, symbol, and/or designs that identify and differentiate a company or product from others.  In very basic terms, a company’s brand comes from who they are, what they do or produce, and how they and their products are perceived.

But, there is more to branding than just the symbols used to identify a company or product. There is a deeper, often hidden, meaning embedded in most successful branding. These ‘hidden’ messages appeal to the emotions of people to elicit a personal response or to create a bond.  And that’s what emotional branding is all about …

Brand Personality and Creating Relationships

When a company successfully utilizes emotional branding, they create an emotional connection with their customers which can translate into customer loyalty. After all, customers often associate with brands they feel an affinity to and brands that reflect their identity in some way.

Emotional branding often works to create a ‘personality’ for a product or company. It can create emotional connections by inferring a particular lifestyle with a brand, or appealing to a deeper emotional need in people, and it most certainly makes consumers relate to the brand on a personal and more meaningful level.

Using Social Media to Create Relationships

Social media can give customers and clients access to brands unlike most other advertising mediums. Brands that engage their followers on social media platforms have new opportunities to create bonds and relationships with them. Using words and images that capture the emotions of people can play a large part in how people see and respond to your social media updates… and your brand.

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