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CD Rom & DVD Duplication and Replication FAQs

What is the difference between Duplication and Replication?

Duplication and replication are simply two different methods of reproducing a CD or DVD.

With Duplication, the CDs/DVDs are reproduced by individually “burning” each CDR or DVDR. Utilizing a laser, information is sequentially written or burned to a CDR/DVDR.

Replication is a manufacturing process whereby a mold of the data, called a Glass Master, is made and then “stamped” onto blank media. It’s a much faster process, but isn’t cost effective on runs under 500.

What copyright issues are involved with Duplication or Replication?

Charlotte’s Web Studios will only duplicate or replicate your CDs/DVDs when you own or have a license (copyright) to reproduce the information on the CD/DVD.

As part of the ordering process, you will be required to submit any /all copyright or license documentation, & a form stating that you have the right to reproduce the information on the CDs/DVDs and that you indemnify CWS from any copyright issues with the CDs or DVDs.

What final quantity of CDs or DVDs will I receive?

All orders are considered complete at +/- 10% of order quantity. You will be invoiced for the quantity shipped.

How do I submit the content for the CD Rom or DVD?

Two (2) Master CDR’s/DVDRs that contain the information that you’d like to duplicate will be required from you in order for CWS to begin the duplication or replication process. It is important that each Master CD or DVD be closed.

If you need assistance with the development of the content for your project, contact us! Our design and development staff will be glad to send you a quote to develop the content of your CD or DVD project.

Please be sure to TEST TEST TEST! all Masters before submitting to CWS!

What are my printing options for CDs and DVDs?

You may choose from full color silkscreen or full color offset printing directly onto the CDs or DVDs.

What is the difference between silkscreen & offset printing?

Offset printing on CDs and DVDs is the same method as offset printing onto paper. Four ink colors (CMYK – cyan, magenta, yellow and black) are transferred onto plates and rollers & then onto the CD/DVD surface. Offset printing onto CDs and DVDs is a newer process than silkscreen. The resolution is 175 lines per inch (lpi) and the surface is smooth and even. Offset printing is good for all types of CDs/DVDs, especially those containing photographic and detailed artwork. The overall quality of offset printing is much better than silkscreen.

Silkscreen printing is a process whereby the artwork is converted to screens & then the ink is pressed through the screens onto the CD or DVD. The average resolution of silkscreen printing is 85-135 lines per inch (lpi).

Why does CWS Recommend Offset Printing onto CDs & DVDs?

Simply put, Offset Printing looks better! CDs & DVDs have traditionally been silkscreen printed. And, although not a new printing technology of itself, offset printing is a relatively new method for printing onto CD/DVDs.

  • Offset printing is 175 lines per inch (vs. 85-135 lines per inch for silkscreen). The more lines per inch, the better (smoother & clearer) the printing looks!
  • There is no “knock-out ring” cutting into your image (it’s truly “edge to edge” print coverage).
  • Because offset printing uses plates and rollers to transfer the ink to the CD or DVD surface, the coverage is smooth and even. (there are no “screen marks” on the CD/DVD surface, which often occur with silkscreen printing).

I want to record the CD or DVD myself, but I want high end printing directly onto the CD or DVDs. Do you offer offset printing onto blank CDRs/DVDRs?

YES! CWS offers full color Offset Printing onto Blank CDRs or DVDRs. Get professionally printed blank CDR/DVDRs and burn the content yourself.

How do I submit the artwork for the CD printing or label?

We would be glad to help with the creation of the artwork for your project! Please contact us for more information and/or a quote!

Please use our templates to design and develop your artwork (be sure to download the template specific for the printing process you select). Submit all final artwork to CWS on a separate CD Rom along with your (2) Master CD copies. A printed copy of all artwork is also required.

Artwork Specifications:

CWS offers both offset and silkscreen printing as well as paper labels. Be sure to download the correct template for your project! (If you need assistance, or are unsure which template you need, please contact CWS & a representative will be glad to assist you!)

  • When using 4 color process, all files should be CMYK (not RGB). When using Pantone spot colors, all files should have the Pantone coded colors rather than CMYK or RGB.
  • Line art or text created or scanned in Photoshop should be 1200 dpi or higher for high-quality output. All other artwork should be 300 dpi or higher
  • All fonts should be included with your artwork, or turned to outlines. If you have very small text, it is recommended that you typeset or vectorize (convert to outlines) the text, rather than have bitmapped text (Photoshop).
  • For artwork other than silkscreen or offset printing onto the CD/DVDs, (i.e. CD Labels, printed jewel case inserts, printed cardboard sleeves, etc), be sure to leave a 1/8″ bleed in the artwork.

What formats do you accept for the artwork?

EPS, Illustrator, Quark, Photoshop, or TIF.

Do you have templates that I can use for the artwork?

Yes, you can download templates from our website OR contact CWS and a representative will be glad to send the specific templates you need for your project via email.

Do I have to use CWS templates for my artwork?

Yes, we require that you use our templates for your CD or DVD artwork. Our templates are correctly sized for production; using our templates results in less problems with the artwork.

You can download templates from our website OR contact CWS and a representative will be glad to send the specific templates you need for your project via email.

What are your set up and/or film charges?

Charlotte’s Web Studios does not charge any additional set up fees or film charges for our CD or DVD duplication or replication projects.

Many vendors charge set up fees and/or film charges in addition to their per CD/DVD charges. These additional fees can range from $25-150 for set up fees and $20-50 per color for films. When factored into the final cost, this can add up to $0.15 or more to the Per CD costs.

When comparing CWS prices to other vendors, be sure to compare Total Costs (including all set up and film charges), rather than per CD/DVD costs.

Do you offer RUSH rates & faster turnaround times?

No. All projects have an estimated 14 day turnaround (upon approval of artwork).

In our experience, RUSH projects are simply just too stressful for both the client and CWS and, more often than not, result in a problem of some sort.

How do you ship the finished CDs or DVDs?

Our preferred shipper is either United Parcel Service or FedEx. Our default shipping method is Ground Shipping. If you prefer overnight, or 2nd day, please let us know!

For larger quantities (5000 or more bulk CDs/DVDs or 3000 or more CDs/DVDs with Jewel Cases), it is often more economical to ship freight. Please contact us for more information and availability for freight shipping to your destination.

If you would like to ship the CD/DVDs using your company’s shipping account, please contact CWS.

How much does it cost to ship?

Shipping costs depend on the size & weight of the shipment and your ship to address. For a shipping quote, please contact CWS.

Approximate Weights

Approximate weight of CDs:

Bulk Box of 600 Standard CD’s or DVDs = 23 lbs

Paper Sleeved Box of 600 Standard CD’s or DVDs = 28 lbs

Jewel Cased Box of 100 Standard CD’s or DVDs = 23 lbs

5″ Cardboard Sleeved Box of 500 Standard CD’s or DVDs = 28 lbs.

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