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Branding & Web Design for Business Start Ups

Starting a new business can be incredibly exciting and can lead to success in many ways. However, it’s also often a very busy and stressful time and there is much to do on many fronts to get your new business off the ground and running in the right direction.

Knowing the importance of your logo and other branding

Many entrepreneurs understand the power of branding and marketing for their new company at the get go, but  others don’t always place the importance on it that they should. From your logo to your business cards to your web site, creating a brand and marketing materials that not only look professional, but also work to the advantage of your company from day one is essential! Professional and well designed branding and marketing pieces will make your start up look established, professional, and knowledgeable.

Branding and Web Design for Start Ups

It’s important to create a reasonable budget for your branding and web design. The old adage that “you get what you pay for” is often true and finding the cheapest designer isn’t always the best idea unless you have extremely limited funds for your initial branding projects. Find professional logo, print, and web designers who can work within your budget AND provide you with marketing and branding pieces that are professional and successful.

You can often do some “homework” before hiring a design company to help keep your costs down too. Research your competition. Take stock of the branding and marketing positions of your competitors and others in your industry. Look around and find web design or other design elements that you like and dislike and pass that information along to your web designers and developers. After all, although your number one priority will be to have successful branding on all fronts, it’s also important that you like it too,so let your designers know your thoughts up front. It’s your company, after all, and your logo and other branding materials will probably be with you for awhile… you’ll want to get them right the first time!

Be sure to ask about special rates for new companies

Many companies (Charlotte’s Web Studios included!) offer special rates for start up companies. Be sure to ask! You also might be able to negotiate better payment terms, or offer future stock options or other incentives to help bring the price down.

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