Whether your web site is 10 pages or 100 pages (or more!), it’s important to understand that quality web design projects take time. Even the smallest web design project can take a minimum of 4-6 weeks from start to finish and, of course, larger projects can take much, much longer.  However, there are some things that clients can do to help speed the process up.

  1. Gathering content & preferences
    We give all of our clients a project questionnaire at the beginning of each and every project. The more information supplied to us at the beginning of the project, the faster the planning and design phases will often go.  It is important to supply us with logos, corporate color values, corporate fonts, photos, etc. along with letting us know your preferences and expectations for the project.  The more information you supply at the beginning of the project, the more likely we will be to meet your goals and expectations during the planning and design phases of the project and the less likely there will be changes or revisions needed throughout those phases.

  2. Preparing Text
    Gathering, writing and editing the text for a web project can be a difficult and time-consuming task.  It is also often one of the main reasons for project delays.  Whether you are developing the content for your website in-house, or have contracted that part out to a specialist or writer, it is imperative to get started on the content as soon as possible in order to avoid project delays.

  3. Review the schedule regularly and keep the lines of communication open
    Before jumping into a new project, we work with you to put a project schedule together.  This helps to keep everyone on track, to keep the project moving forward, and to meet the timeline needed for the project.  While our project schedules are not “written in stone,” we do use the overall project timeline to schedule our time, so it is important to let us know if there are any needed changes on your end.  Changes in the project schedule can often delay the completion of the project by quite a bit.  While we know that web projects can often be fluid and we always try to be as flexible as possible with the schedule, the sooner you let us know about any delays on your end the sooner we will be able to re-schedule our time to accommodate the schedule changes.

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We have worked with Caryl and Charlotte's Web Studios beginning with start-up and the launching of our website to our latest design and could not be happier with the results. Caryl and her entire team are true professionals in every sense and totally focused on customer satisfaction. With their background, experience and proven capability, we consider them to be a valuable part of our team.