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Is your website user friendly? Is it easy to use? Can users find what they need?

Usability testing and consulting services.

Usability, or a user’s ability to use, learn from, and interact with a website, is an integral part of a website’s success. Websites today are often larger, more complex, and interactive than ever before and ensuring that users can interact effectively with your website to fulfill their needs and goals is key.

One of the most important, yet often most over-looked and under-utilized aspects of a website is it’s usability. After all, for a website to be truly successful, it must be easy to use!

Making sure your website or application is easy to learn, easy to understand, and easy to use is key. We can help you define website usability goals and can assess if your website meets your goals. Our usability testing for a website usually involves both qualitative and quantitative measures and can range from an assessment of how well your website adheres to best practices in web design and development to more formal, virtual or in-house user testing and focus groups containing various types of users (levels of education, levels of computer literacy, etc.).

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