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We strive to support good causes and to give back to our community whenever possible.

To request pro bono design and development services from CWS, please provide as much detail about your organization and project as possible and submit your request below.

CWS Pro Bono Projects

When our production schedule allows for it, Charlotte's Web Studios, L.L.C. takes on pro bono projects at reduced or no cost for select non-profit organizations. To request our pro bono services, please fill in the form below as completely as possible and submit to CWS.

Eligibility Criteria

Please note that the following are currently not eligible for CWS Pro Bono services:

Pro Bono Request

Be sure to include the specific items you are requesting that CWS complete for you.

Click the browse button AND select a file to attach to your request (optional).

Please note, if your organization is not nationally recognized, you will be asked to send three references from community leaders who are familiar with your work and can attest to its' quality.

Verification Code Please enter the 6 digit code found here into the box below

All fields marked with an * are required fields. After clicking the SUBMIT button, if there are any errors or missed fields, the errors will display with a RED error message next to the problem field. You will then have the opportunity to enter any missing data or fix any errors. All errors or incomplete fields must be entered before your information can be submitted. Upon successfully submitting all information, you will see a confirmation message.

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The website that CWS designed and developed for me has resulted in news articles written about my art work -- most recently a feature in the Washington Post Weekend -- labyrinth workshops, and increased visitors to my studio, all resulting in art sales!