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Our Design Process

We work as closely as possible with our clients and view ourselves as an external "marketing & design extension" of their companies. As such, we work hard to get to know and truly understand each client - from your mission, corporate culture and values to your products, services, and other offerings. After all, the more we know about you, the better we are able to create successful marketing campaigns for you!

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Most CWS Projects Have 5 Major Stages

Before beginning a project, we will put together a detailed project schedule outlining specific deliverables & dates of delivery from CWS to you, as well as time frames for your feedback and approvals for each stage of the project. Each project phase affects the subsequent phases and depends upon the specific deliverables & project milestones through which the project will progress. Client approvals are required for each stage of the project.

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A Bit More About Our Design Process ....

Corporate styles can differ greatly. Our design process includes working closely with you to create the overall look and feel of your project - from general branding, imagery, and layout to the more detailed aspects of each project.

Depending on your type of business or organization (what you do, who you serve, whether your are business to business or business to consumer, the size of your firm, etc.), CWS can offer various appropriate design styles to suit your branding strategy, your corporate culture, your vision, and your mission.

CWS WordStrings™

Using strings of words created using our WordStrings™ method as part of the CWS WordStrings™ process, we create and fine tune an image that is appropriate for and portrays a particular feeling about your company. CWS WordStrings™ can be geared toward a company, client, or product.

On a very general level, a word string might include:

Once the general string of words is created, it can then be fine tuned to include more detailed aspects. For example, bow tie vs. power tie vs. Satya Paul vs. seven fold Robert Talbott vs. open shirt, or classic/preppie vs. business conservative vs. high fashion/designer.

By using word strings as one part of our creative, image building process, CWS is able to create a unique and appropriate impression of your firm that will resonate with your customers and help to successfully build your brand.

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Of all the companies we found that offered their services pro bono to non-profit organizations, Charlotte's Web Studios did work most appealing to us. We were delighted that they took on our project. CWS is an extremely easy company to work with. Even though we are pro bono clients, CWS has been very flexible, responsive and creative in meeting our needs, and given generously of their time, programming, and artistic efforts. We would recommend CWS highly to anyone looking for for a an excellent web design firm. The work is professional, reliable, functional, and well-designed. Overall, CWS has exceeded our expectations on many fronts. As our site evolves, we are confident of the continued support CWS will provide us, which is something one rarely feels in today's transient hi-tech marketplace.