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We create state of the art bed and breakfast web sites that are not only creative, highly functional, and affordable but also have custom designs that are as unique as your bed and breakfast is.

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Branding, Marketing & Web Design for Bed and Breakfasts and Inns

A website is, of course, essential for any business. However, just having a website isn't good enough. In today's highly competitive internet world, your B & B website must be highly functional, user-friendly and should reflect the level of service you offer to your customers through it's visuals, copy, and overall functionality.

Your inn is unique... shouldn't your branding and marketing be unique too?

While many bed and breakfast web design services mainly offer pre-designed template choices for their bed and breakfast customers, we at Charlotte's Web Studios don't think templated designs are an effective means for enhancing your B &B's image nor for helping you to stand out from the crowd. After all, there is a lot of competition out there and if your website basically looks like everyone else's, how are you going to stand out? Your website needs to be as unique and custom made as your bed and breakfast is!

We are professional designers, developers and marketers who help bed and breakfasts and inns of all sizes and shapes market themselves more effectively and efficiently. We provide our B & B clients with customized, professional design, cutting edge technological solutions, marketing insight, and impeccable customer service.

As part of our bed and breakfast web design and marketing services, we'll spend quite a lot of time getting to know you and your inn. We want to know what makes you and your bed and breakfast special and what attracts your customers to you ... we'll then transform that information into a project that reflects the uniqueness of your inn. Whether you are a new Bed and Breakfast or an established B & B in need of a branding, web and marketing makeover, we'd love to help you take your website and your marketing to the next level.

Our design, development & marketing services for bed and breakfasts include

Why partner with CWS?

We understand the value of branding and image.
We know that, like reputation, your business image means a lot. Perceptions about your inn can strongly influence a potential customer's decision of whether or not to stay with you, so you'll want to get it right from the get go! Your image and your website needs to reflect the unique-ness of your inn and your owners.

We are professional web and graphic designers and developers.
We have spent years studying, designing and delivering professional design, marketing and advertising campaigns and materials for companies,associations, and non-profit organizations. We are professional designers and developers who focus our talents on delivering exceptional design products to small businesses. We work with companies of all shapes and sizes and can create creative campaigns that meet your needs, your goals and your budget.

When properly designed and implemented, your image should reflect the level of your inn's commitment to quality, excellence, service, and relationships with your various constituents including current clients, potential clients, employees and future staff, competitors, partners, government entities, and the general public at large. Therefore, your business image should be thoroughly thought out, planned, executed, monitored, and modified when needed.

CWS specializes in complete brand solutions and will work closely with you to ensure that your bed and breakfast's image enhances your brand and your services.

We believe in the adage that you get what you pay for... but not if it costs you an arm and a leg.
You'll most certainly be able to find many designers charging (a lot) more than Charlotte's Web Studios, and you'll probably find designers charging less as well. However,we are sure you will find our prices to be incredibly reasonable. With Charlotte's Web Studios, we strive to offer the most value possible for the lowest cost possible. We also offer different payment plans and options to ensure that your project is not only cost effective for you, but also suits for your budget and cash flow needs.

We don't outsource design and development services.
We are based in the United States and we do our design and development work in house. With Charlotte's Web Studios, your project will be completed by professional designers and developers in the United States and not outsourced to third parties in the US or abroad.

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Serving the Bed and Breakfast Association of Virginia

Bed and Breakfast Association of Virginia (VA)

Charlotte's Web Studios L.L.C. (CWS) is an industry vendor/partner with the Bed and Breakfast Association of Virginia (BBAV) and serves Bed and Breakfast's throughout Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC and all other areas of the US with customized branding, web design, graphic design, advertising and marketing services.

Whether looking to re-design a website or making it fully responsive and mobile friendly, to help with search engine optimization, social media or other marketing, or designing a new brochure, rack card, thank you cards, etc., Charlotte's Web Studios welcomes the opportunity to put a quote together for Virginia B & B's, Inns, and others in the hospitality industry.