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Why We Ask for Your Budget When You Request a Quote

We regularly receive requests from prospective clients for proposals or quotes for upcoming design and development projects. We welcome these requests wholeheartedly and are always glad to speak in depth to each and every prospective client about the details of their project to help ensure that we provide an accurate and realistic quote that is specifically tailored for their project goals and requirements.

During our initial conversations, people are sometimes surprised that one of the first questions we often ask is “What is your budget range for the project?”. While some people seem glad to be open and honest about speaking about money and their budget, others seems to balk a bit at the question.

Over the years, we’ve received many different responses to our question of budget — from not wanting to disclose a budget for fear that we will charge as close to 100% as possible of their budget for the project (no matter the scope) to simply not having a clue about what they should budget and are looking for us to tell them what their budget should be.

At Charlotte’s Web Studios, we understand and appreciate a prospective client’s concerns about disclosing their budget and the motivation they might have behind not disclosing their budget.

Why We Ask for Your Budget

Telling us your budget range for your project up front is crucial and here’s why … if we have a sense of your budget for the project, we’ll be better able to create solutions that are appropriate for your needs.

Giving us a realistic sense of what you’d like to invest in the project also allows us the opportunity to work with you to adjust the scope of your project (adding or removing features, if needed) or to come up with creative solutions to meet both your project requirements and your budget. And, if we simply can’t work within your budget, we’ll save you valuable time up front by telling you right away.

No matter your company or project type or size, talk to us about all of the details of your project so that we can work with you to put a quote together that meets your goals, your needs, and your budget. We want to ensure that you receive the maximum return on your investment in each project!

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