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What is Typography?

Typography is the art & process of arranging type in communication and design. Typography has been around since the development of moveable type and includes everything from calligraphy to digital type. Typography is inherent in all written communication.

The elements of typography include:

  • Fonts and Typefaces: a typeface is a family of fonts and a font is a single style or weight of a typeface.
  • Typeface Classifications: typeface classifications are groupings of typefaces based on particular characteristics. Typeface classifications include serif, sans serif, cursive, script, monospaced, etc.
  • Typeface Anatomy: typeface anatomy includes the shape and size of typeface elements including the stroke (stems, extenders, arms, crossbars, tail, leg, bowls), counters (the white space), and serifs
  • Spacing:
    • kerning is the space between individual letters
    • tracking is the space between groups of letters
    • leading is the space between lines

Typography greatly affects design, personality, and perception

Typography and font selection should not be an arbitrary process. There are psychological inferences with all fonts and the fonts used in a particular marketing piece can make a difference in how the piece is perceived. The use of particular fonts communicate to the end user on both a conscious and subconscious level.

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