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Twitter has been slowly rolling out a new page design for users and the new layout is cleaner and seems to focus more on visual elements. We think that's a good thing. Here are a few things to know about the new design and how you can take advantage of more
A website animated slider is a large area, often at or near the top of a web page, where multiple graphical "slides" are displayed one at a time in a particular order, time interval, and with a transitional effect (fade, wipe, etc.) between the slides. more
With an ability to be used in many different situations, used over and over and, due to their versatility, relatively inexpensive cost, and ability to draw attention, banners have always been a popular solution for businesses looking to advertise... more
2014 has ushered in some SEO 'best practices' changes, but for the most part, SEO in 2014 is similar to what it was in 2013... search engines still love new content. One of the best ways to generate new content is through blogging. more
If you create and/or sell products, you know the importance of packaging design in both selling your products and in enhancing your brand. Packaging plays a very important role in marketing of a product. more
If you are starting a new business or website, finding and choosing a domain name that enhances your company brand is essential. In this digital age, internet marketing and brand development are not only extremely important, but... more
A content management system, or CMS, is a website application or group of website applications designed to allow non-technical users to easily add to or edit the electronic content of a website. Generally, website content management system allows ... more
jQuery is a cross-platform and lightweight Javascript library. It was developed to make it easier to use Javascript on a website. jQuery is one of the most popular Javascript frameworks available today. more
It seems like databases are just about everywhere and more and more websites are taking advantage of the additional functionality and interactivity that adding a database to a website can offer. Of course, not every website needs a back-end database, but. more
Instagram is an online photo and video sharing social networking service that enables users to take photos and videos, apply various filters to them, and then to share them. Here are a few tips for how businesses can use Instagram... more
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We have worked with Caryl and Charlotte's Web Studios beginning with start-up and the launching of our website to our latest design and could not be happier with the results. Caryl and her entire team are true professionals in every sense and totally focused on customer satisfaction. With their background, experience and proven capability, we consider them to be a valuable part of our team.