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Is Flat-file the future of CMS? There seems to be a trend appearing recently among web designers for simpler CMS systems - and flat-file CMS are definitely more simple... more
Two of the most popular open source CMS systems for web sites today are WordPress and Drupal. The best CMS to use for most websites often depends on a few key factors - mainly depending on the type of website and the level of technical expertise or abilit more
Web browsers are software applications used for retrieving and presenting web site information. Just about everyone who accesses a web site on a desktop computer uses a web browser. However, if you're not using the most up to date version of your browser more
Marketers have long recommended posting photographs as the best method for enticing user interaction and engaging users on Facebook. However, since Facebook rolled out with larger images - both within photograph and link post updates - the tide has change more
As you begin to plan your printing project, ask questions! Charlotte's Web Studios can help you to avoid possible problems and suggest ideas & enhancements that you might not have considered. We will help you to be aware of the costs and limitations more
Equivalent Paper Weights/Comparison Table for Print and Graphic design projects. more
Some things to think about when planning your next CD Design or DVD Design project ... What Do You Want to Include on the CD or DVD? Although it may seem obvious, determining the content that you would like to include on the CD or DVD ahead of time is key more
When it comes to computer graphics, there are a lot of programs available for creating, manipulating, and saving image files. Some graphic programs work primarily with bitmap images, some with vector images, and some can work with both (or a combination more
Four Steps to Getting Started in E-Commerce Selling online is an opportunity to reach new customers and markets. However, it you are unfamiliar with it, getting started in e-commerce can seem a bit daunting. There are four basic steps needed for selling more
When Tim Berners-Lee created the original Internet protocols he was not alone. Let's not forget Robert Cailliau. Robert Cailliau was to Berners-Lee as Maurice Wilkins was to Watson and Crick. more
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Working with CWS is the best vendor experience I have ever had. I told Caryl some vague ideas I had in mind for my new site's look and she provided some relevant samples. Then I told her what I liked, what I didn't like, and voila! she came up with THE PERFECT design! I have gotten rave reviews from clients and more importantly, potential clients. Just imagining someone might check me out online after a first meeting made me nervous with my old site. Now I invite people to visit my site and have far more confidence in promoting my business. I refer CWS to everyone with great pleasure.