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Ideas for Using Instagram for Business

Instagram is an online photo and video sharing social networking service that enables users to take photos and videos, apply various filters to them, and then to share them across a variety of social networking services. According to Instagram, it currently has 200 million monthly active users.

So, how can a business use and take advantage of Instagram’s growing audience? Here are a few ideas …

  1. First and foremost, sign up and create a full bio. Then, practice taking photos and test out the filters available on Instagram. You’ll want to make sure that the photos you upload and include on Instagram are high quality and as visually exciting as possible.
  2. Think about ways to enhance your brand visually without hard selling. For example, you could personalize and showcase your company and products by giving a ‘behind the scenes’ look.  You could also publish photos that show a particular lifestyle that might be attractive to your audience.
  3. Showcase your products.
  4. Introduce your employees.
  5. Showcase or give “virtual tours” of your offices and/or locations.
  6. Host an Instagram contest.
  7. Share your Instagram photos on other social media platforms.
  8. Build a personal rapport with your audience by responding to all comments.
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