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CD Design: CD Rom Size & DVD Size Guide

Mini CD, CD, or DVD?

The main difference between business card cds, mini cds, & standard cds, is simply one of available disk space.

CDs are still the standard method of delivery of multimedia projects. Additionally, standard CDs are the least expensive method for replication or duplication.

The size limits of the disk space on business card and mini cds make them a better choice for smaller presentations and presentations that do not include video clips. Business card cds are not recommended for use on slot loading MACs (click here for more information about this issue on Apple’s website). It is also important to note that the cost of replicating or duplicating business card and mini cds is often greater than standard cds.

Of course, DVD’s require a separate (& different) player than a standard CD player. As such, we recommend distributing projects on DVD when space requires or when you are certain that your audience will have the appropriate player.

Sizes of CDs and DVDs
Business Card CD 40-50 MB

Mini CD> 180 MB

Standard CD 650-700 MB

DVD-5 4.7 GB

DVD-9 8.5 GB
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