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I typed in 'what social media should a business use' at the website of you-know-who (I do not mean Voldemort, I mean the other 'we are not evil' entity). Low and behold the first entry was more
Marketers have long recommended posting photographs as the best method for enticing user interaction and engaging users on Facebook. However, since Facebook rolled out with larger images - both within photograph and link post updates - the tide has change more
After our crazy, cold and (VERY) long winter on the east coast this year, Memorial Day has finally arrived and marks the unofficial start of summer. For B2B businesses though, summer can be start of an awfully slow period in the year. Here are just a few more
For businesses, a poor reputation can affect both sales and overall brand perception. And, in today's world where there are growing opportunities to post reviews and information about customer experiences with individual companies, online reputation more
Normally when we speak of 'branding' we're referring to the name or symbol that identifies and differentiates a company or product from others. However, there is a deeper, often hidden, meaning embedded in most successful branding -- emotional branding. more
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