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Annual Website Review & 10 Point Website Maintenance Checklist

Many of us start off the year determined to make the new year a better, happier, and more successful one than the last.  It’s a time to take stock of our lives, analyze where we are now, and plan for where we want to be next year.  It’s resolution season.

It’s also a great time for businesses to assess themselves and to make goals for the new year.  This includes the review, analysis, and update of the company website.  In the new few days, we’ll give you some ideas for things you can do as you evaluate, assess, and plan for a better year for your website and your business.  Take a few minutes each day to complete each item and you’ll be on your way to a better, more organized, and successful website.

10 Point Annual Website Maintenance Checklist:  # 1 of 10

Download a copy of your website and back it up onto a CD Rom or DVD.  Take a few minutes now and schedule to regularly download and backup a copy of your website throughout the new year.  Schedule monthly or quarterly backups if you make regular changes and additions to your site, or, at the very least, bi-annual or annual backups.   Having an archived copy of your website on hand is essential if you ever need to replace or reinstall your website and it gives you an on-going business archive of your website and the changes made to it throughout the year.

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