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CD & DVD Replication Services

The kinds of projects suited for cd or dvd distribution are endless & it's also often more cost-effective to distribute projects on a cd or dvd rather than on traditional materials!

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CD replication and DVD replication with either offset or silkscreen printing on the disks and your choice of packaging.

Our cd & dvd replication services include films and all set up charges, glass master, and your choice of printing and packaging.

No additional set up fees or film charges!

Many vendors charge set up fees and/or film charges in addition to their per CD/DVD charges. These additional fees can range from $25-150 for set up fees and $20-50 per color for films. When factored into the final cost, this can add up to $0.15 or more to the Per CD costs.

CD Duplication Price Check Tip: When comparing CWS cd replication and dvd replication prices to other vendors, be sure to compare Total Costs (including all set up and film charges), rather than just the per CD/DVD costs.

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