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As technology continues to evolve and develop, it inevitably changes the way we live, the way we work, and the way we do business. When it comes to marketing, the technological changes that have occurred over the last decade have changed everything. more
Inbound links have always been important for search engine optimization (SEO). An inbound link is simply a hyperlink pointing to your website (or a page on your website) from another website. more
Like many other things, there are trends that occur in graphic design. Different types of imagery, presentation, typography and more come in and out of vogue over time. Shutterstock, a large stock art and downloadable image library firm, has been tracking more
In addition to issues with general usability, errors in web site code can cause (big) problems on a website. When designing and developing a website, it is important that the design, code, and overall structure follow certain "best practices" guidelines. more
KISS is an acronym for "Keep it Simple Stupid." KISS is a design principle developed in the 1960's that states that most systems work best if they are kept as simple as possible. more
What is Web Hosting Server Uptime? In very simple terms, 'Uptime' is the amount of time that a web server (and the web sites hosted on it) are up and running. Server uptime is generally a good indication of how well a web hosting company ... more
Stock art is artwork created by professional artists, photographers, and graphic artists and licensed and sold for specific or nonspecific usage. Using stock art can often be a big budget and time saver when incorporated into your marketing materials. more
Vine is a video sharing, mobile app ... but with a twist. It's not just a regular video, it's a very short video that is designed in a way to link together short video takes into just six seconds of video. more
Pinterest is a social media tool that people use to collect ideas for projects and interests. Businesses of all types can utilize Pinterest in their social media marketing arsenal to further engage with and to inspire their audience. more
A 'Brand' is a set of associations people make when thinking about a product, company or organization. It can be in the form of a name, a symbol, a design, a logo, a term, an idea, or a combination. A brand identifies a product or company and ... more
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