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The TITLE tag on your web pages is one of the most important elements for search engine optimization (SEO). Here are a few tips to optimize your TITLE tags for SEO. more
More than just a small graphic that you include on your marketing materials, your company logo is a visual portrayal of your business. Your logo - including it's overall look and feel as well as it's quality - conveys the character, professionalism more
Usability, or a user's ability to use, learn from, and interact with a website, is an integral part of a website's success. Although normally a more formal process, website owners can do some usability testing themselves regardless of the type or size of more
Branded USB flash drives can be great marketing tools that keep your brand in front of your customers while giving them something of value that they can use over and over. more
Brochures can be great marketing tools, but to ensure that your brochure content is organized, easily incorporated into a design layout, and helps to enforce and enhance your message, you need a content development and writing strategy. more
Today it seems easier than ever to build a website with free, 'do it yourself' (DIY) web builders. DIY website builders are advertised frequently and can seem enticing -- after all, the attraction to anything 'free' sometimes is irresistible. And in today more
When it comes to your website, the color palette can affect not only how your brand is perceived, but also the conversion rate of your website. The colors you use in your web design can be important factors that add to the success of your site. more
Generally speaking, 'open source software' is software where the source code is made freely available for use -- it may be redistributed and modified from it's original state without charge. more
You've spent the last few weeks (or months) creating a brand new website. You've officially launched it and have submitted the new website to the major search engines... but you're not getting much (if any!) traffic. This is a typical scenario in today's more
Normally when we speak of 'branding' we're referring to the name or symbol that identifies and differentiates a company or product from others. However, there is a deeper, often hidden, meaning embedded in most successful branding -- emotional branding. more
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