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The Web is constantly evolving. Think back to just a few years ago when the internet was full of websites with blinking, animated icons and background midi music ... lots of people thought it was really great. Advance a few years forward and now more
Mini CD, CD, or DVD? The main difference between business card cds, mini cds, & standard cds, is simply one of available disk space. CDs are still the standard method of delivery of multimedia projects. more
Charlotte's Web Studios L.L.C. and Hessler Associates, Inc. launch a new and improved website - Charlotte's Web Studios recently re-designed and developed a corporate logo and website for Hessler Associates, Inc. more
There are many different methods for printing onto the surface of CDs and DVDs: offset printing, silkscreen printing, digital printing, thermal printing, inkject printing, and paper labels. CWS offers offset and silkscreen printing on CD Rom and DVD more
With the thousands of fonts available today, selecting an appropriate font for your print or screen design projects can be a daunting task. The fonts you use add to the overall "look and feel" of the piece and to the visual impact the piece has more
Planning is crucial to the success of a website. Spending time to adequately plan your website will save you both time and money in the long-term and will result in a website that better serves your marketing goals and increases your return on investment. more
When graphic designers and printers start talking about image resolution, most client's eyes start to glaze over. While it's true that image resolution sounds complicated and tricky (and it certainly can be!), understanding a few simple concepts more
Digital metrics (web metrics, website statistics, or website analytics) are tools used to measure and analyze the effectiveness of a website. They provide information about the number of visitors to a website, page views, bounce rates, traffic trends, and more
After our crazy, cold and (VERY) long winter on the east coast this year, Memorial Day has finally arrived and marks the unofficial start of summer. For B2B businesses though, summer can be start of an awfully slow period in the year. Here are just a few more
For businesses, a poor reputation can affect both sales and overall brand perception. And, in today's world where there are growing opportunities to post reviews and information about customer experiences with individual companies, online reputation more
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Of all the companies we found that offered their services pro bono to non-profit organizations, Charlotte's Web Studios did work most appealing to us. We were delighted that they took on our project. CWS is an extremely easy company to work with. Even though we are pro bono clients, CWS has been very flexible, responsive and creative in meeting our needs, and given generously of their time, programming, and artistic efforts. We would recommend CWS highly to anyone looking for for a an excellent web design firm. The work is professional, reliable, functional, and well-designed. Overall, CWS has exceeded our expectations on many fronts. As our site evolves, we are confident of the continued support CWS will provide us, which is something one rarely feels in today's transient hi-tech marketplace.