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Choosing your keywords is important. Generating traffic from users who are actually looking for your products and services is just as important as getting your site listed on search engines. But, how do you really know if you're optimizing for the right more
Charlotte's Web Studios L.L.C. & Licensing and IP Solutions Associates, Inc. launch a new website @ Charlotte's Web Studios recently re-designed and developed a corporate website for Licensing and IP Solutions Associates, Inc. more
Paper selection is an important element in print projects. Selecting a paper can often be very confusing; there are numerous different types and brands of paper available today. When selecting paper, be sure to keep in mind that more
What is the difference between Duplication and Replication? Duplication and replication are simply two different methods of reproducing a CD or DVD. With Duplication, the CDs/DVDs are reproduced by individually "burning" each CDR or DVDR. more
Whether your website isn't performing as you expected (and needed!) or you just need a new look with updated content, it's always a good time for businesses to assess their corporate website and to set goals. Here are a few things you can do as you evalua more
Printers often offer different types of proofs for printing projects. The cost and time needed for each differs, so be sure to check with CWS for costs and availability of each proof type available. more
Color and Ink CMYK: CMYK is short for Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black, and is normally pronounced as separate letters. CMYK is a color model in which all colors in the printed piece are described as a mixture of these four process colors. more
The Internet can be an impersonal place. Unless your company or brand is well known, chances are users found your web site through a web search and may not know much, if anything at all, about your company, what you do, or what services and products more
The possibilities truly are endless when it comes to what you can put on a CD or DVD. Whether used for marketing your products and services, sharing databases of information, interactive assessments and quizzes, demos, reports, or brochures, our CD Rom more
Check Your Proof Carefully! The printer's proof shows what your final project will ultimately look like, so it is important to review all print proofs carefully before giving the printer the go-ahead to print your project. more
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The website that CWS designed and developed for me has resulted in news articles written about my art work -- most recently a feature in the Washington Post Weekend -- labyrinth workshops, and increased visitors to my studio, all resulting in art sales!